Ranger Cecilia Rejas

Activity: Hiking, Interpretation

Ranger Cecilia Rejas works at both Mount Tamalpais and China Camp State Parks. She has been a ranger for about 13 years, and started her career with parks in the Mojave Desert. Here, she enjoyed back-country patrols on sandy desert roads where her main companions were burrowing owls, desert kit foxes, rattlesnakes, kangaroo rats and Joshua trees. Now at Mount Tamalpais and China Camp State Parks in Marin, she loves the coastal temperatures, redwoods, oak forests, and all the animals that are found in the area. She has a particular fondness for reptiles and amphibians, more specifically, newts, snakes, and lizards. What she likes most about being a ranger is the wide variety of tasks she might engage in throughout the day. In her line of work, Ranger Rejas has the opportunity to work with volunteers, help park visitors, share information about plants and animals, protect wildlife, provide interpretive programs, help anyone injured, assess the condition of our trails, search for lost hikers, and catch non-law abiders. She looks forward to meeting you all in the park!