Join Us in Celebrating Park Prescription Day 2017!

Join the Healthy Parks Healthy People: Bay Area collaborative on April 23, 2017 to celebrate Park Prescription Day at a signature event on Crissy Field from 11am-3pm.

At this event attendees will be able to participate in activities such as:

  • Family-friendly activities
  • Health screenings
  • Guided walks
  • Zumba
  • Tables and booths

If you are not able to attend the event at Crissy Field, attend one of the many events happening across the Bay Area!

Every agency involved or interested in being involved in a Park Prescription program is encouraged to celebrate Park Prescription Day to:

  • Inspire individual action: Host an event in a park to promote visitation and renewed awareness of local green space and gives the visitors a dose of the health benefits of nature.
  • Educate the community: Celebrate Park Prescription Day to raise awareness and understanding.
  • Connect our health care system: Have a health care provider highlight the health benefits of nature to show the importance of integrating nature-based medicine into practice.
  • Start culture change: The link between human health and ecological health is not new knowledge, but the burgeoning movement of the health care sector prescribing parks to highlight this link is. This growing movement shows that Park Prescription programs have the potential to shift human health care to include nature-based interventions.  

If you have questions related to Park Prescription Day, please contact Donna Leong at